• “AS ABOVE, SO BELOW ?” Limited stencil print edition
    10/11/2012 - News

    Let me introduce you my last limited stencil print edition “AS ABOVE, SO BELOW ?”.
    This is a 20 ex. series of 50x70cm, all painted by hand and you can get one at the Epoch Art Gallery in Redhill – UK  or directly on their website:

    Title: AS ABOVE, SO BELOW ?
    Medium: Hand sprayed stencil on 300 gr/m² art paper.
    Release date: Sept 2012
    Sizes: 50 x 70 cm
    Artist’s proof: 6 pieces
    Limited edition: 20 pieces signed, numbered and dry stamped by Goin
    Certificate of authenticity: Each limited edition comes with a certificate of authenticity signed, numbered, dated and dry stamped by Goin