21/09/2020 - Collectable - News - Prints - Release

    Today we announce GOIN is SOLD OUT in all its official galleries (Kulturspäti BERLIN, SpaceJunk LYON, SpaceJunk BAYONNE, SpaceJunk GRENOBLE, Upfest BRISTOL).
    We are currently handling all inquiries regarding commission work. Due to the high volume, we ask you to understand that we can’t answer every demand. We are working with GOIN’s team to get back to you as soon as possible.

    We’ve decided to take a new way: there will be no more public LIMITED PRINTS EDITION (numbered, signed & dated print).
    We don’t want a trade market, we want the artworks to end up with real art lovers and not to pop up in auctions sales.
    From today, we are kicking off the FIGHT AGAINST FLIPPERS, whoever wants to trade must go to STOCK EXCHANGE and not do it with Goin’s art.
    Our loyal collector’s group that has been around for over 20 years will get release tickets (Max. 2 per person). Each collector has the opportunity to give one of his friends a ticket. Any owner of a work by Goin accompanied by a Certificate Of Authenticity (C.O.A.) can apply for release tickets by sending a proof to Should we notice that if this work is being traded, we will ban this person from us.
    Here are clear rules that we will apply immediately.

    For the sake of equity and accessibility, we give everybody the opportunity to acquire a signed piece from GOIN: We launch a TIME LIMITED OPEN EDITION print every year (2 Months run per year / signed & dated but not numbered).

    Also, If you are new and want to become a Goin’s collector you can start by ordering an artwork directly to Goin (

    GOIN is the first artist to implement this system, he and we both agree that it’s the best way to bring his works to the places they deserve.