• RADIACTIVE FOOD 27/11/2010 - News

    “Poison for some; food for others” Paracelsus

    “Radioactive Food” Goin 2010 – Canvas 40x100cm

  • BROWN PELICAN 27/11/2010 - News

    “It is a sad thing to consider nature talks and human kind does not listen.”  Victor Hugo

    “Brown Pelican” Goin 2010 – Canvas 100x80cm

  • BP STILL LIFE 27/11/2010 - News

    “BP Still LIfe” Goin 2010 – Canvas 40x50cm

  • TENEBRAS LUX 06/11/2010 - News

    “Even the darkness will not be dark to you; the night will shine like the day, for darkness is as light to you.”

    Tenebras Lux – Goin 2010

  • World Goin Chaos ! 21/08/2010 - News

    Here is the paints I made this week at the Abode of chaos, mainly on the  BP’s environmental tragedy which has just begun in the Gulf of Mexico…

    Goin_DDC_2010_BP Molotov 03Goin_DDC_2010_Bidon BP 02
    Goin_DDC_2010_Ange de l'apocalypseGoin_DDC_2010_BP Ainsi soit il
    Goin_DDC_2010_WarkeeperGoin_DDC_2010_Bad Apple
    Goin_DDC_2010_Cathedrale de la consommationGoin_DDC_2010_Dollar death